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Who We Are?

Baby Massage Perth is Perth’s premier Baby Massage Company offering parents of
newborns to infants a safe, non-judgemental, welcoming environment where our focus is purely on your baby. We provide natural health support by teaching correct massage techniques to overcome the most common issues babies and infants encounter in their first years.

Lucy Brown, founder of Baby Massage Perth, is an accredited Infant Massage Instructor by IMIS (Infant Massage Information Service).  Lucy’s diverse background from corporate to natural health to motherhood took her on path culminating in her passion for helping new mothers overcome common problems faced in the first years of parenting, in a supportive
natural environment.

What We Do?

Babies need to be nurtured mentally, physically and emotionally.  They need not only to be told that they are loved but shown that they are loved too.  As simple as it seems, a daily massage provides the opportunity to encompass all these things whilst preventing the most common health issues that can occur in the first years of parenthood.

Baby Massage Perth have fully accredited Infant Massage Instructors and Paediatric Massage Consultants by IMIS who teach parents, grandparents and caregivers, the correct techniques of baby massage.  Massage is demonstrated by our instructors on a doll so parents can copy and learn on their child during the class.  Pregnant mums-to-be can also
join our class and learn these important techniques on a provided doll.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of learning the correct baby massage techniques will help you overcome the most common issues parents experience in the first years; sleeping, settling, crying, baby cues, sleep cycles, constipation, wind, colic, reflux, eczema, teething pain, bonding plus so many more.  Regular massage at the right times of day using learned techniques, will ease baby’s suffering, resulting in a happier baby and happier parents.  The result is empowered parenting.

Besides all the physical and psychological benefits of baby massage to babies themselves, an invaluable benefit is the difference it makes in parental confidence as will be taught how to learn to read their childs cue and understand them better.

What Is Our Mission?

Baby Massage Perth’s mission is to build and support a community of parents that connect and bond with their babies in today’s busy world, creating a natural wellbeing platform right from the start of their baby’s lives.

What's it all about?

At Baby Massage Perth we provide a host of massage techniques taught the correct way to gain the life skill of massage which can be continued at home well into schooling years.

It is important to note that there are significant differences between massage for adults and massage for infants.

It is vital to understand the correct strokes, ideal timing and length of massage to avoid over-stimulation.  Being taught the correct techniques is essential; like any other form of therapy, it is important to know the specific techniques to enhance the experience.

Techniques taught range from Indian, Swedish, Reflexology to Baby Yoga.  All having great benefits to babies and infants.

These techniques are so much more than simple stroking, baby massage involves interpreting and responding to an infant’s body language, enabling infants to successfully communicate their need for, or their rejection, of touch.  Infant massage empowers parents and care givers through confidence and peace of mind – knowing that they themselves can do something that is a great benefit for their child.

Parents who learn massage techniques are generally more confident in handling their baby, are more receptive to their child’s wants and needs, and tend to be more content within themselves.  This is purely from knowing that they have something to offer their child, at a time when they can often feel quite helpless.

Baby Massage Perth Classes are taught by fully accredited Infant Massage Instructors by IMIS. (Infant Massage Information Services).
All Instructors teach baby infant massage techniques demonstrated on a doll, parents then observe the demonstrated techniques being taught and practice on their own child.
Baby Massage Perth Classes are suitable for Pregnant Ladies who can join our classes and practice on a provided Doll ready for when their baby arrives.
Age range for classes is newborns through to 12 months though techniques taught can be continued at home well into schooling years.
Every attendee of Baby Massage Perth is invited into Baby Massage Perth’s’, Private Online Facebook Group, where they are provided with invaluable information such as tips, parenting advice, seminar’s, events, discounts, latest news, meet new friends and provide support to one another, creating a Baby Massage Perth Community.

Touch is the first form of communication

The benefits of learning Baby Massage include:

  • Improves sleep by increasing serotonin and regulating melatonin secretion rhythms
  • Reduces crying
  • Helps wind, constipation, colic, reflux symptoms
  • Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reliefs discomfort, pain, sinus congestion, chest congestion
  • Reduces symptoms of eczema
  • Enhances attachment and bonding
  • Helps parents overcome anxiety, pnd, improves mood and self-esteem
  • Parent’s learn how to read their babies cue’s
  • Reduces stress hormone levels in children and their parents
  • Enhances emotions and improves mood by increasing dopamine levels. (Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and hormone.  As a neurotransmitter, it facilitates communication between nerve cells.  As a hormone dopamine can induce feelings of euphoria  Studies have found that deficiency in production of dopamine can result in feelings of anxiety and sadness)
  • Increases vagal activity – effecting the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems 
  • Increases weight gain in low birth weight infants
  • Enhances habituation (a form of learning)
  • Enhances cognitive and motor development 

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