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Baby Massage Perth offers proven massage techniques that provide endless benefits to both parent and child such as relaxation, reduced anxiety, stress, bonding, helps wind, constipation, colic, reflux, muscle tone plus so much more.

The best time to baby infant massage is just after baby has woken , called the quiet time.  Further information is provided in class on massage times.

Yes, its recommended you feed at least 30 mins before  massaging, though if your baby is requiring a feed through class then this is encouraged.

Please bring nappy changing sheet incase you need to change your babies nappy during class. Plus bring a towel/blanket to lay over the Yoga Mat provided.

Absolutely, baby dolls are provided for pregnant mums to practice and learn the techniques ready for when their baby arrives.  This can provide mums extra confidence before baby arrives resulting in less anxiety in parenting for the first time.

Absolutely, we encourage all families to join in with learning the baby infant massage techniques.

Any group is welcome to attend or can arrange classes for, plus they receive 10% discount

Yes, cold pressed organic oil  is preferred.  Oil will be available in class to purchase.

If babies cry ding class that’s fine, comforting is encouraged and however you feel be either a feed, walk around the room, cuddle etc.  Babies love massage,  it’s a way of communications for them also and relax so surprisingly they do stay still.

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