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Virtual - Baby Massage Introductory Class

This Zoom Introductory Baby Massage Class is light and informative for those who just want to know the basics to get started with Baby Massage.

Class includes:
 Permission sequence
 Oils to use
 Basic massage techniques – Legs, Abdomen, Chest, Back Massage
 When to massage
 How long for
 Contraindications

You will be invited into ‘Baby Massage Perth Members Group’ on Facebook which is only for attendees who attend a class.

Perfect to join the Introductory Class then move onto the –


Complete 4-Week Baby Massage Parenting Course’

This  course offers in-depth Baby Massage Techniques for symptoms such as Wind/Gas/Constipation/Colic/Reflux, weekly relaxation activities, meditations, learning to read your Baby’s Cue, the ‘Sleep Cycle’ plus so much more.

You will also feel part of the Baby Massage Perth Community attending Classes weekly.

Baby Massage Perth looks forward to seeing you Online soon.



Complete 4-Week Baby Massage Parenting Course

Learn in-depth over the 4 weekly Zoom Online Classes from the comfort from your
own home, how learning the correct massage techniques can help your child settle,
sleep better, reduce crying and relieve problems such as wind, colic, constipation,
reflux and eczema. Plus increases IMMUNITY. It even helps reduce post-natal
depression and relieve anxiety caused by Self-Isolation by providing a positive
activity to carry out as a family, throughout the day, helping your baby to be more settled during such difficult times.

Massage is more than just relaxation. Learning the right massage techniques from a
Qualified Instructor will teach you everything you need to know – a skill for life.

This class is suitable for newborns to 12 months of age.

This class is the ideal Parent and Baby Activity, offering you the chance to do a
weekly Mum and Baby activity and meet other Mums online, also offering the
opportunity to be part of the Baby Massage Perth Community.

No need to have previously completed the Introductory Class.

*Baby Massage is taught via a doll by a fully accredited Infant Massage Instructor
and Paediatric Massage Consultant. Parents copy techniques and massage their own child **

**Please do not worry if your baby cries during the class – you Zoom call will be on
Mute (Silent) so others won’t be able to hear. Plus pre-class preparation information
is provided and guidance/techniques are provided during class if your baby becomes unsettled.**

By joining this course you are invited into Baby Massage Perth Private Online
Facebook Members Group where you gain access to many valuable resources andcontinue your Baby Massage Perth journey.

This class runs for 1 hour, 45 mins being taught the correct massage techniques with
15 min Q&A session. The idea of 4 week course is so your baby gets use to massage, you practice in your own time and then ask questions. You’ll see the improvements and results over the 4 week period and make friends.

This course covers everything you need to know about Baby Massage. Including Baby Yoga and Reflexology.

Massage techniques are taught in stages so that you can practice at home and come back each week with any questions.

All you need at home its mat/rug/blanket to lay your child down on.

We look forward to welcoming you soon via Zoom.

Baby Massage Perth

                              Included in this course:

Week 1

  • Permission to massage sequence
  • Massage techniques on Legs/Buttocks
  • Contraindications (when not to massage)
  • Parent relaxation
  • Information about massage oils
  • The ‘Sleep Cycle’ 
  • Baby Cue’s
  • Right time of day to massage

Week 2

  • Benefits of Baby Massage 
  • Babys cue’s and body language
  • Reviewing the ‘Sleep Cycle’
  • When is the best time to massage?
  • Massage techniques Abdomen & Chest
  • Touch relaxation
  • Bonding techniques 
  • Baby Yoga

Week 3

  • Massage for older children
  • Massage techniques for Face, Arms and Back
  • Colic and Reflux discussion
  • In deepth techniques taught for Wind, Colic and Constipation
  • Meditation/Mindfulness
  • Parents relaxation technqiues – breathing, meditation 

Week 4

  • Lymphatic Massage techniques
  • Review of the full body massage
  • Questions 
  • Evaluation and Graduation 

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