Our available Baby Massaging Services

Package 1

Introductory Infant Massage Class

In this class the basics of baby Infant massage is covered so parents, carers get an idea of how massage works and will be able to continue at home using the correct techniques at the right time of day plus learning the sleep cycle and baby cues.

Benefits from attending this class:
  • better sleep patterns 
  • promotes longer sleep
  • less crying
  • best times to massage
  • correct technique methods
  • briefly cover techniques to support wind, gas, colic, reflux and constipation 
Group Class Price: $30 per baby (both parents can attend)
Private 1:1:  $90 Duration

Duration: 45 mins to 1 hour

Package 2

Complete 4 Weekly Parenting Course

This course covers everything you need to know about baby infant massage.  Massage techniques are taught in stages so that you can practice at home and come back each week with any questions.

Baby Massage Perth classes are held either in Yoga Studios to ensure correct atmosphere is provided for the class. Classes can also be arranged at your home or arrange a group of friends or with your Mother’s Group and receive 10% discount.

Week 1

  • Information about massage oils
  • Permission to massage sequence
  • Massage techniques on Legs and Abdomen
  • Contraindications (when not to massage)
  • Parent relaxation

Week 2

  • Benefits of Baby Massage 
  • Babys cue and body language
  • When is the best time to massage?
  • Massage techniques Arms and Chest
  • Touch relaxation
  • Bonding techniques 

Week 3

  • Massage techniques for Face, Arms and Back
  • Colic and Reflux discussion
  • In deepth techniques taught for Wind, Colic and Constipation
  • Meditation/Mindfulness

Week 4

  • Lymphatic massage techniques
  • Massage techniques – review of full body massage
  • Questions and Answer Session 
  • Evaluation
  • Graduation provided with Certificate

Group Price: $140 per Baby - includes a bottle of Massage Oil. Duration: 1 hour per week, for 4 weeks

Package 3

Private 1:1 Course (carried out at Parents home) – covers the content of Package 2.

Price: $220    Duration: 1-1.5 Hours Per Week, For 2 Weeks

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