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The beauty of baby massage


Massage is a wonderful and special pleasure that you can share with your baby.  Baby massage is not new. This ancient art has been used in diverse cultures across the world for thousands of years to boost physical and mental development, encourage emotional bonding, and promote relaxation.

Babies crave skin contact.  Touch is your baby’s most developed sense at birth, and through it you can communicate with baby immediately.  Everyone can touch and massage.  Massage is a technique that reinforces the natural power of touch.

Baby massage has well-established benefits for you and your child.  Integrating massage into your relationship gives you another way to get to know and understand each other.  Massage eases your baby’s transition from the womb into the world and can help stimulate development. Above all, it enables you both to relax and have fun together.

Massage offers you the opportunity to communicate love, comfort, and support to your baby.  It allows you to interpret subtle nonverbal language and develops your ability to listen.  When you massage your baby, you lay down foundations of trust and security that will help you build a happy ad confident relationship for the future.


Photo: Baby Massage Perth Anastasija Hunter

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